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De Pompei's - July 23rd 2011
Mad Mike's - June 4th 2011
CD Release Show and Kid Blue's Birthday! The Deck - May 21st 2011
The Winchester - December 10th, 2010
Kathy's Birthday Party! November 14th 2009
Timeout Lounge November 7th 2009
Earth Dog's MC Party, August 1st 2009
Cowboy Bar and Grille. July 25th 2009!
Tail-Gator's Grill & Pub. July 11th 2009!
Frank and Ranea's 4th of July Party 2009!
Aurora Commons Customer Appreciation Day May 18th, 2009
Cowyboy's December 19th
Cowyboy's November 7th
Frank and Ranea's 4th of July Party, July 5th
Blazin' Bills Friday June 13th 2008
Jellystone Bash! September 22nd 2007
Frank and Ranea's July 4th Party
Frank Frank Sr. and Lee Mike: Burnout King Aftermath
Guest Keith
TIMKOS 6/16/07
Special Guest Billy Code Blue Dancer
THE DECK 4/27/07
Rick in crowd Bob owner of
from UK on guitar
Denny on vocals Bob
Streets Tavern 11/11/06
Dancin' Harry
Papous 7/28/06
Papous 3/3/06
Suzi Q Bob Ian and Jacko Rick's Sister
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